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Rewards and Cash Back Credit Cards

Our clients enjoy the best credit card perks with our services. The credit card programs we offer come with many attractive rewards and cash back offers. You can choose from a...
Posted On 29 Sep 2014


Solutions for Charity and Non-Profit Organizations

Our company caters to business ventures belonging to a wide variety of operations. We also assist charities and non-for-profit organizations manage their co-branded debit...
Posted On 29 Sep 2014

What Does EMV Prepaid Offer?

EMV Prepaid has carved its place in the co-branded card programs industry by catering to a number of industry big-wigs. We ensure our clients face no credit card or payment issues by providing them state-of-the-art electronic processing services.

Our company has always been on the forefront of offering advanced solutions and services to commercial and non-commercial customers.

Products and Services On Offer

We offer cost-effective payment and credit card solutions to businesses and individuals. Our clients vary from small ventures to businesses having operations around the globe. We offer co-branded credit card products and solutions to our clients:

  • Premium-quality credit card processing services
  • Exclusive merchant account processing services
  • Issuance of Visa, MasterCard, Union Pay credit cards
  • Prepaid card solutions including but not limited to personal prepaid and debit cards
  • High-quality, custom-designed co-branded cards for LLCs, corporations, and individuals business owners
  • Extremely secure payment processing services for various co-branded credit cards
  • Transfer processing services valid for over 150 countries